Recessed Shower In-Wall Concealed Shower Set

Product Name: Concealed Shower System Material: Brass Function: Hot and cold water mixer Installation: In wall concealed shower Surface treatment: electroplating process

Products Details

Product details

Introducing our innovative and modern hidden wall mounted shower, a truly game-changing addition to any bathroom. This shower combines stylish design with advanced functionality for a truly luxurious bathing experience. Unlike traditional showers that require removal of walls for maintenance, our hidden showers eliminate the hassle and cost of renovations. With its unique design, the shower can be easily maintained without removing the wall, ensuring quick and worry-free repairs. Our showers feature three drain functions, including a wide ceiling spray, providing versatility and flexibility to suit your preferences. Whether you prefer a soft mist or a powerful waterfall, our showers can easily deliver the flow you need. Our showers feature dual hot and cold controls, allowing you to find the perfect temperature for a comfortable bathing experience. The full copper body ensures durability and longevity, making this shower a valuable investment for your bathroom. One of the outstanding features of our concealed showers is their space-saving design. The water outlet position can be installed flexibly, allowing you to freely design the bathroom you like. Say goodbye to limited space and hello to a shower that easily fits into any corner.The heart of our concealed shower is the large 250mm overhead spray, giving you an unparalleled rain-like spa shower experience. The wide top spray head ensures water is poured over a wide area of our body, mimicking the soothing feeling of a natural shower. Relax and indulge in a spa-like experience to wash away the fatigue of the day. To further enhance your showering experience, our showers feature 360-degree rotating and adjustable nozzles. With air pressure water flow, the water flow becomes soothing, dense and evenly distributed, ensuring a deeply satisfying showering experience every time. Cleaning is a breeze with our silicone nozzles. Unique silica gel particles come with its own water outlet and built-in cleaning function to prevent clogging and ensure smooth water flow. The soft, dense water outlet provides satisfying, thorough cleaning.Operating and adjusting your shower is a breeze with our three-function switch. The simple yet innovative design makes it easy to control the water flow, making it perfect for people of all ages, including the elderly and children. Our handheld showerheads feature a comfortable hold and dense spouts, allowing you to control your shower to your liking. Equipped with a rotating shower seat that can be adjusted to multiple angles to ensure a personalized shower experience. Say goodbye to splashing water and wet clothes with our 180° rotating all-copper nozzle. Soft, bubbly water gently gushes out, providing a pleasant bathing experience without any unnecessary splashing. Getting water has never been easier or faster.

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