Long Shower Drain Stainless Steel

P/N: MLD-5005 Material: SUS 304 recessed linear drains Style: Strainer shower floor drain Shape Deep “___” design, fast discharge Usage: Bathroom drain floor Size: custom Outer Diameter: 42mm/50mm

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OEM & ODM service of long shower drain since 2017

Item NO.: MLD-5005

Product Name Odor prevention tile plug-in gun gray shower drain
Field of Application Bathroom, shower room, kitchen, Shopping mall, Super market, warehouse, Hotels, Clubhouses, Gyms, Spas, Restaurants, etc.
Color Gun Gray
Main Material Stainless steel 304
Shape Linear floor drain
Supply Ability 50000 Piece linear floor drain per Month
Surface finished satin finished, Polished finished, golden finished and bronze finished for choice
Introducing our innovative and versatile linear shower drain, the perfect addition to your shower area. When choosing a floor drain, it is important to consider various factors such as aesthetics, practicality, drainage effectiveness, longevity and ease of care. Our floor drains are designed to meet all these needs and more. One of the key features of our floor drain is its self-sealing mechanism. Unlike water-sealed drain pipes, our self-sealing floor drains effectively prevent any odor from escaping while ensuring fast drainage. This means no more bad smells in your bathroom, allowing you to enjoy a fresh and clean environment. The flip-top feature of our floor drains adds extra convenience and functionality. The lid is designed to close with the help of gravity and magnets, and only opens when it senses the impact of water flow. This clever design ensures water doesn't overflow, keeping your shower area always dry. If you prefer a long floor drain for your shower area, our product is the perfect choice for you. Compared with ordinary floor drains, long floor drains have a taller appearance and are more fashionable and beautiful. Most long drain pipes are installed against the wall, so it is important to determine the installation depth before purchasing. Consult a professional bricklayer to ensure the correct installation depth for your specific needs. Our long floor drains are engineered to effectively capture dirt and debris. Choosing gutters with a drainage slope is crucial as this will drain wastewater faster and reduce dirt build-up. To ensure optimal performance, we recommend opening the cap and cleaning the drain after every shower. Our floor drains easily solve this common problem with their deep "V" or deep "__" designs, ensuring wastewater is disposed of quickly. Plus, the lid is easy to open for hassle-free cleaning, making maintenance a breeze.

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Invisible shower drain is another term often associated with our products. This term emphasizes the discreet and seamless nature of floor drains, which blend seamlessly into your bathroom floor for a sleek, modern look. Our linear shower drains are the epitome of quality craftsmanship, ensuring durability and a long lifespan. Crafted from high-quality SUS 304 materials, it will stand the test of time and resist corrosion, providing you with a reliable and practical solution for years to come. All in all, our linear shower drains are ideal for anyone looking for a floor drain that ticks all the boxes. With its self-sealing mechanism, convenient flip-top lid, elevated appearance and effective dirt-trapping design, it's a versatile and practical solution for any shower area. Shop our invisible shower drains for a stylish, efficient and easy-to-maintain bathroom. Experience the difference for yourself and take your shower area to new heights with our innovative linear shower drain.

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